Roberts Rides

Roberts Rides

Have you ever thought about the possibility of getting sick or injured away from home? If you did, you might ask yourself these questions: What happens if my hospital stay lasts longer than a few days? What happens if I become unable to make decisions for myself so far from home? What happens if I need my family near? Does insurance cover transfers home? How much do transfers cost? How can I get home? Is there anyone that can help me?

Hospital Stays

A hospital stay for any reason is scary, but going through it alone in a strange city is terrifying. The sad fact of the matter is that insurance deems transfers home to be a matter of "convenience" unless there is medical necessity for it (such as requiring a procedure not performed in the current city), and will not cover the cost. To hire an air ambulance to transport someone home costs thousands of dollars; usually it is well outside the means of the average American. No provisions are made for if the patient is unconscious and needs a family member to authorize treatments and procedures, or for if the patient is expected to need a very extended hospital stay to recover.

Financial Nightmare

Organizations exist to help parents stay close to minor children who are hospitalized, but if the patient is an adult then family members that want to stay out of town to care for the patient are on their own. Some hotels offer deals such as $10.00 off a night for the family of patients, but that does little to alleviate the financial burden this type of hospitalization places on family members. In short, if you or a loved one become hospitalized out of town, you are stuck.

There is HELP. Robert's Rides is dedicated to not only helping raise the money to finance the transport of patients, but also to changing the laws that govern this particular issue so that the only question a patient has to ask is: How long until I am well again? Please check out our organization and help in any way you can; your assistance can make a difference and reunite families.