Roberts Rides

About Us

Robert's Rides is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the memory of Robert Burris, with the goals of helping people who become ill away from home be returned to their families and eventually changing the medical system so that no one’s life ever has to depend on how much money they have.

Mission Statement

Robert's Rides has been organized with four goals in mind:
  1. To first and foremost raise awareness of the problem that most travelers do not take into account: what happens to me if I become sick or injured away from home?
  2. For the immediate future raise funds to pay the retainer to help transport home those who become ill or injured away from home and cannot travel home themselves due to insurance denial.
  3. For the long term work towards changing the laws, possibly even the wording of Obamacare to both make it illegal for insurance companies to deny transfers to patients who are sick or injured a significant distance away from their support network (provided patients do not require staying in their current hospital for specialized treatments) and to work towards overhauling the entire medical system in order to help bridge the gap between the quality of health care in the United States and the rest of the developed nations of the world.
  4. To, starting with Las Vegas, call the public to action by boycotting certain tourist cities until they show a significant improvement in their health care facilities and policies. The thought being that tourist cities that do not want to properly care for their visitors do not deserve to have them.