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Boycott Las Vegas:

Donating to Robert's Rides is awesome, and all donations are greatly appreciated, but our goal is bigger than helping only a few people get home. We want to completely overhaul the American medical system in order to make sure that no one has to go through this. In essence, we want to make Robertís Rides obsolete because it is not needed anymore. The first step in accomplishing this goal is a process that has been successful throughout history; a boycott. Because of Robertís story, we are starting our boycott with Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is a tourist town that relies heavily on itís visitors to thrive. Yet the highest rated hospital in Las Vegas (according to Google reviews) is 3.5 out of 5, with the lowest being rated 1.9 and the average rating 2.9. Contrasting this with Denverís highest rated hospital being 4.9 and the lowest being 2.4 and the average of 3.7, it is easy to see that Las Vegas is not taking as good of care of its residents or visitors as it should be. If we stand up together and say that we will not visit Las Vegas until this changes, if enough of us raise our voices, then Las Vegas will listen. If you are willing to stand with us, please sign the petition below.

We, the undersigned, pledge to boycott Las Vegas from the date of our signature until such a time as Las Vegas is able to correct major flaws in itís medical system. The boycott shall be defined as a complete refusal to travel to Las Vegas as well as a refusal to purchase any items that support the business of Las Vegas (such as Las Vegas merchandise; clothing, food, etc.). Any undersigned corporations or organizations agree to find other locales for any events they may be hosting in order to discourage travel of their members to Las Vegas until such time that Las Vegas can prove that it is safe for visitors again.

Las Vegas can prove the improvements in the following ways:
  • Improve (or show concerted efforts towards this improvement) the highest rated hospital on Google reviews to a rating of at least 4.0 out of 5.
  • Improve (or show concerted efforts towards this improvement) the average rating of the Las Vegas hospitals on Google reviews to at least 3.5
  • Pass a law requiring the coronerís office to get involved if neglect is suspected in a death, particularly in the case where a hospital is under suspicion.

Boycotts have been effective in the past at changing history, however I understand that boycotting a whole city seems extreme or may be impossible for some. That being said, the petition says nothing about the boycott, so please sign if you agree with the changes we are trying to make. Anyone who is willing to boycott Las Vegas to see these changes made, please state so when you sign the petition but otherwise, simply sign and show your support for the change. What we're really looking for us a Boycott of what Vegas stands for, we understand if you have family or business that you must attend.

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Petition for national patient's rights overhaul:

Since the AAPS proposal in 1990 for a standardized list of basic patient's rights the insurance industry has prevented the implementation of any national laws protecting patients. This includes the Bipartisan Patient Protection Act of 2001, which passed in the Senate with only 38% of voters opposed, but failed in the House of Representatives due to political lobbying by the insurance companies. Wendell Potter, a senior executive at Cigna healthcare stated that the insurance industry has worked to kill "any reform that might interfere with insurers' ability to increase profits" by engaging in extensive and well-funded, anti-reform campaigns. This goes against our basic human rights for the sake of profit by insurance companies. A nationalized legal standard for the protection of patients should be established and include the following (much of these standards have been already proposed by the AAPS):
  • Insurance companies may not deny transfers to a patientís home residence or support network if a patient is medically stable enough to transport when they are or are expected to be hospitalized for longer than a week and if the home residence or support network is farther away than 100 miles from the current hospital.
  • Insurance companies may not deny the transfer of a patient from his/her current hospital to a hospital that is better equipped to deal with the possibility of a patient's worsening condition, even if the patient is stable at the time of the transfer request.
  • Physicians are legally required to list to the coroner all contributing factors in a death for the death certificate.
  • Physicians are legally required to discuss with patients ill or injured away from their home residence or support network any and all options for returning to said residence or support network.
  • Patients should be allowed to seek consultation with physicians and other medical specialists of their choice.
  • Patients should be allowed to contract with their physician(s) on mutually agreeable terms.
  • Patients should be treated confidentially, with access to their records limited to those involved in their care, designated by the patient, or in the case of the patient who is unable to designate for him/herself, the verifiable next of kin.
  • Patients should receive the care of their choice.
  • Patients should be allowed to refuse medical treatment even if it is recommended by their physician(s).
  • Patients should be fully informed about their medical condition, possible diagnosis and treatment plan, the risks and benefits of treatment and appropriate alternatives.
  • Physicians should be required to address the problem at hand first in emergency situations and discussion regarding preventative or maintenance care of a patient should be reserved for when the patient is no longer critical and is looking toward recovery.
  • Patients and physicians retain the right to refuse third-party interference, including from insurance companies, in their medical care, and to be confident that their actions in seeking or declining medical care will not result in third-party-imposed penalties for patients or physicians.
  • Patients should receive full disclosure of their insurance plan in plain language.
  • Physicians should face criminal charges in any cases where the physician fails to provide patients with care and medical advice to the best of the physician's ability and such failure results in a loss of patient ability or life.

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